Easy to use Marketing Materials

Our Advocate Program is by invitation only and you are invited to sign up here to get started.    Application approval grants access to your Advocate Program Portal.   Your Advocate Portal includes Marketing Materials as demonstrated on this website.   We track sales and assign points where 1 point = $1 in sales.

Questions or suggestions?   Please email sales@coastscience.com.  

We would love to hear from you!

Bruce Thomsen, CEO

Advocate Portal is Customized with Your Unique Tracking ID

Your Portal shows real time feedback including clicks and conversions!

1. QR Codes can be embedded or printed

QR codes are a good way to connect using print media.  Or, embed the QR code directly in your website as show below.

Users follow the code and you get sales commission!


TIP:  QR Codes are available in a variety of sizes.
TIP: Use QR Codes specific to products (MFSg5, PCOS & PC 600)

2. Request Coupon Codes for special Cart Discount

Log into your Advocate Portal and request a custom Coupon Code.  Chose any coupon name you like!   Your custom Coupon Code will be approved and made available for use!  

Just email your code ...  or even use it along with your FaceBook post to add motivation. 

3. Use our Social Media Campaign on Facebook and Twitter

Using your Advocate Portal you can post Social Media marketing collateral to your FaceBook feed.  Clicks are credited to you and you see them in real time on your Advocate Portal.

See how we included a coupon code!  Your friends get a discount and you get sales credit.

4. Text Ads are Easy to Use

Your site can be modified using Text Ads.  Using your Advocate Portal, cut and paste some source code, make a few changes, update, and your browser displays something like shown below. Using the provided linking code, you can adjust the color scheme, height, and width of your Text Ad.

5. URL Links can be Embedded in Blog or Email

One of the easiest ways to get your clients directed to the Coast Science checkout page is to craft an email.   When you do this, add some catchy text and then create a link using source code URLs from your Advocate Portal.

Dear Jane,
As you travel your journey, think about what I said and give PC 600 a try.  I'm sure you will be delighted with the results!
Let me know how it goes,
Your Friend


5. Use horizontal, square or vertical banner ads on website

If you have a website that attracts traffic with an interest in Coast Science product, consider using banner ads. Clicks through are recorded and updatd live in your Advocate portal.

Coast Science - Start Today

MFS g5 Product Banner Ad

Male Fertility Supplement g5

PC 600 Product Banner Ad

Fertile One® PC 600 Preconception Formula

PCOS 600 Product Banner Ad

Fertile One® PCOS 600 Preconception Formula